For only $0.99/person, foodjunky takes the hassle out of feeding your team.

Save up to 10 hr/wk*
Reduce food waste by 40%
Zero commitment
Save time

Find restaurants, invite diners and gather their orders in minutes rather than hours. Our streamlined process takes the busywork out of lunch planning.

Reduce Waste

40% of the average catering order gets thrown in the trash. Group ordering lets everyone pick exactly what they want to eat so you can reduce waste and protect the environment.

Zero commitment

We’ll be here when you need us, regardless of how often you use us. Consider us your lunchtime concierge.

No matter your role, foodjunky can help.

Human Resources
Admin/Executive Assistant

Big Kahuna

  • Accurate Ordering
  • Zero Stress
  • Easily schedule future meals
  • Satisfy top execs and clients
Human Resources

Organization Whiz

  • All past and future orders in one convenient location
  • Easy billing with centralized expense reports
  • Store multiple credit cards for simple ordering
  • Customizable user permissions
Team Leader/Manager

Office Hero

  • Reward your team with affordable, delicious meals
  • Improve company culture and team satisfaction
  • Improve work productivity
  • Organized ordering process

What people are saying about foodjunky

"It’s simple, I love everything about foodjunky. The cool group order feature is really helpful and everyone gets what they want. I also appreciate all the support and follow up. It's a blessing!"

Melanie C. | Executive Assistant

"I'm just so grateful for foodjunky. It saves me tons of time and grief! I can rest easy knowing that what I order will be correct, on time and done well."

Leah N. | Senior Executive Assistant

"foodjunky has been great for our business. Its interface is so simple to use and lets everyone order what they want! No more large catering orders with wasted food. foodjunky streamlines the entire process for us and is adding new restaurants all the time."

Paul P. | VP Operations